Tuesday, 21 August 2012

August Empties!

I love finishing products, there's something rather satisfying about it. Plus I feel like I can open something new from my stash, which seems to be never-ending!

Ooh it's lovely to see lots of empty products, don't you agree?

This was my treat of a bubble bath this month. I love the Soap and Glory smell and this made my skin silky soft! I loved using loads of this in my bath, I always want hundreds of bubbles! Baths are my favourite way to relax, and this bubble bath made me feel very calm. I highly recommend it!

I still have some of the matching Dove Shampoo to finish, but I always seem to get through conditioner faster. I think I probably use too much, but I love the shine it leaves. This is a nice, if not great, conditioner. Nothing very special to say about it, my hair felt smooth afterwards and I would buy it again. But it wouldn't be first on my list!

I got this in a Glossybox a while ago, there were two sachets in the box. I used them both while in the bath, but only used half a sachet at a time, so managed to get 4 uses out of them. I have oily skin, so a moisturising  mask wasn't ideal. However I did like to use them when my skin wasn't at its best, as it seemed to soften my skin and certainly helped with drier patches on my skin. 

I got this mini bubble-bath from n-spa at Asda a couple of months ago. It came in a pack of four and was on offer, as they were christmas scents. I used it anyway as I had run out of my Soap and Glory one. This smelt just like hot butter fudge when I poured it in, but the smell did not linger either in the water or on my skin, so that was disappointing! It made bubbles, but I think that is all it did!

Until I found my Loreal Volume Million lashes, this Maxfactor False Lash Effect Fushion was my favourite ever marcara. And I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is on the hunt for a new mascara. It has a plastic style brush which I like as it creates a fan of lashes, although I know some people don't like that. Was sad when this dried up!

I am only recently really dabbling in the world of toners, and this is a pretty good one. It is a pretty cheap and cheerful product and as £3.29 you can't go wrong! Well, maybe you can go wrong. But so far so good, I am sure there are better toners out there. I have another bottle of this I am using at the moment, and then after that I may invest in something a little more expensive!

I got this in July's Glossybox and I ended up decanting the oil into a spray bottle and found it much easier to dispense. I use it on particularly dry patches of skin and I feel the difference in the skin immediately. I like spraying this on bare legs before going out for a nice sheen. I have decided to get The Body Shop's dry oil next and see how that is. I probably will put it into a spray again.

This is an Estee Lauder sample that I got free in a set when I bought some products. It was a nice mascara, but dried up incredibly quickly! I wouldn't spend the money on this particular mascara.

Can't wait to finish off some more products! And get rid of these ones!
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Friday, 10 August 2012

No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream for Normal/Oily Skin

If I am honest I bought this when I couldn't find the Garnier BB cream for oily skin in my Boots store. I had a £5 No7 voucher (I love those vouchers!) and thought, hey why not try this one! The first time I put this on, I HATED it. It was greasy, and it looked like it had split on my skin and gone patchy. Yuck!
So I stopped using it, put it away, and thought I'd never touch it again. Then about 2 weeks ago I just wanted a light coverage to have on around the house, so I thought I'd give it another go.
I think I had underestimate this, and used it in the wrong way. After cleansing and toning I apply a very small amount of oil free moisturiser (currently using Clean and Clear Dual Action moisturiser) and while the moisturiser is still on my skin and work a small amount of the BB cream into my skin with my fingers. Now normally I would be appalled at myself for using my fingers, but somehow this works better! I then use my concealer as normal (Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection) and then either set it with a powder (Rimmel Stay Matte) or for a higher coverage work The Body Shop's Nature Minerals Foundation Powder in with a Kabuki Brush.
My skin looks glowing and radiant, and really natural, and I am in love with this product. Even my boyfriend commented on how clear my skin looked. And with this being a BB cream I have noticed I haven't had a breakout while using it! Win win.
The downside to this product is definitely the colour selection. I have the lightest shade which is 'fair' and I think it is fine now, while I have a little bit of colour, but winter Charli will struggle using this. I know I have pale skin, but its not that pale!
But all in all a lovely product!

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Dove Maximum Protection

As you may or may not have read, I teach dance. And as you can guess, that can get pretty sweaty, especially for me I am one of those naturally sweaty people (how appealing). I would never wear a grey t-shirt to dance in, that is for sure! I once tried 'Perspire-x' but it stung and hurt, so I quickly gave up. But I love Dove products, and when I saw they did a Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant, I had to get it.
I have fallen in love with a deodorant, is that weird? I have been using it for about 3 weeks now, and can honestly say I have never been happier with my armpits! Again, that is a weird thing to say, but they are smoother, more moisturised and definitely drier. Now I'm not going to lie to you, I am not 100% dry. But I never thought I would be. This is a dramatic improvement over the Sure Sport deodorant which I used to really like! The idea is you out it on each night, and even if you have a shower the next morning you should be covered for the whole day. I have been putting it on morning and night, not necessarily because I think it doesn't work, but because I am paranoid and so used to putting it on in the morning!
I got the scent pomegranate and lemon, and I can still subtly smell it hours later, and no unpleasant smells! At  about £5.30 it is expensive, but so so so worth it!

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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

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Miracle in a Bottle from The Body Shop

I have always had a problem with my scalp, around about the time of my year 11 (age 16) prom I was getting an itchy scalp, which turned into scabs and scarring. I know its not the most attractive thing to admit to, but I have met so many other people with this problem. At 16 I was mortified, and wouldn't tell anyone at first. The doctor diagnosed me with psorasis, and gave me a coal tar shampoo.

This shampoo worked on my scalp, if I used it every wash. But made the ends of my hair so brittle and dry. But carried on using it regularly until I was about 19, when I found this little gem...

Introducing The Body Shops Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo! This stuff is incredible, and in my 3 years working at The Body Shop I have recommended it to so many people, who came in time and time again to repurchase it. It seems once you have started using this shampoo, you will always come back for more. It is gentle enough for all ages and sensitivities. I have absolutely no problems with a sore scalp, and my hair is soft, clean and shiny. I don't have to use this every time I wash my hair, but I often do! It smells great, works a miracle and is only £6 for the largest bottle (400ml)! I recommend this to everyone with any scalp problems, I will never be without a bottle again.

Top Tip: Mix a couple drops of tea tree oil in with the shampoo in the palm of your hand, and you have a natural head-lice deterrent! (Just one of the pearls of wisdom you learn at The Body Shop!)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

July Favourite Beauty Products

I love July, it's probably my favourite month. Or maybe December as I love Christmas!  But anyway July is amazing, mainly because my birthday is in July! So a couple of these products are birthday pressies! The rest are general favourites. I will link websites where you can buy the products below, if you wanna check them out!

Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel
When my brother rocked up with this, I was incredibly impressed, to be fair I had it on my amazon wishlist, and I have about 3 other Soap and Glory products in the bathroom. But still! £5.50 is more than I would normally spend on a shower gel, which makes it extra special. And you do get a huge bottle! I love that it has a pump as it makes it so so easy, especially as I often use this with exfoliating gloves. I normally do moisturise afterwards, but I don't necessarily have to as it has a built in body lotion, but I'm pretty dry! Fab smell, like sweets!

Dior Pure Poison Eau de Parfum
Another birthday present, this time from my parents. I feel so posh having a Dior Perfume. It's ridiculously expensive, but so so worth it. The scent last for hours and hours and I have gotten so many compliments on it. It's more of an evening fragrance (although I wear it in the day too because it is so nice!). It has a warm and rich smell to it, quite sexy. Go have a sniff!

Miners The Matte Factor in Peach
The perfect lip product for all day everyday. The colour is a pinky peach, but is not over the top and in your face. This is a matte cream product and stays on your lips for hours without being drying. You don't have to worry about it at all. And because of that I wear it a lot. It is only £3.99!! I have it in hot pink too, but that's much brighter and harder to wear. The main problem with Miners is you can't buy it many places! 

Miners Nail Polish in Marshmallow
Another Miners product, I mainly chose this nail varnish for the name, as I love marshmallows. A really pretty summery blue-toned pink, which I have been wearing a lot.. Dries with a matte finish. Would recommend a top coat as it chips very easily. I have also been using a nail art pen to draw white polka dots on it, which looks super cute.

L'Oreal Volume Million Mascara in Brown
I have heard so many rave reviews on this mascara, I had to check it out. And they were all so right, this might be my favourite mascara I have ever worn! I bought it in brown by accident (I thought I was buying black). But I think I would get brown again, it has a lovely softness to it. But also I think it helps give a slight contrast against my black eyeliner and therefore means you can see my eyelashes better. A must have mascara.

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 002 Vanilla
I originally bought this as I was doing the make-up for my friends wedding, I wasn't sure it would be suitable for me as I am quite oily, but I was wrong. It has a lovely consistency, not to thick and not too thin, stays on my skin for a long time, and gives a dewy finish. I do have to powder this foundation, but I do with most foundations! Very impressed, will repurchase.

Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 wash, scrub and mask
I am never normally blown away by these multi-use face wash/scrub/masks but I love this. I feel tingly clean afterwards and I think my skin stays matter for longer. I use it as a mask in the bath often and it hardens slightly, but not completely. Seems like it does what it says on the tin for me! And it is a bargain!!

Primark hair clips
Okay so this is kind of non-beauty. But I love these! I got them in Primark for, I think, £2. And always have them either in my hair or in my handbag. I generally use them to sweep back the front of my hair to each side. Or sometimes use them at the back to keep the top half of my hair up. They are metal and look more expensive than they were, I must go get some more! They are so handy to have around!

Okay so those are my favourites! I wonder what I will like next month....
Thanks for reading,

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Liquid Eyeliners

I think I may just be the liquid eyeliner queen, or certainly a princess. I wear it everyday pretty much, and I certainly don't feel 'finished' without it. My 'go to' look is a simple flick, with lots of mascara on my top lashes. On nights out I regularly go for a vintage, pin-up glamour look, with a contoured eye, large flick and bright or red lip. So it's fair to say I get through lots of eyeliners.
Today I am going to talk to you about the four liquid eyeliners currently in my collection.
Okay so all the ones I am talking about today are black, I have others, but black is my normal eyeliner choice.
We have (left to right)

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Black
  • Collection 2000 (now just 'Collection') Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black
  • The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner in 01
  • MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner in Black
So lets start at the beginning...Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Eyeliner...
My absolute favourite, amazing smudge-proof eyeliner. I have problems with oily eyelids and eyeliner printing above my eye. I also find it smudges below my eye and fades throughout the day. That was till I found this little baby! A lovely sharp point, to get a fine line, but enough flexibility in the end to get a thicker line too. Really, really black, but a little shiny/glossy, which I don't love, but doesn't bother me too much. I actually find I have to use 2 cotton pads with eye make-up remover on to get this off. This is the sign of a good eyeliner to me! It's rather pricey at £20, but seeing as I've had the one I have now since March and it's showing no signs of stopping, I would say that is not bad. The only problem I had in the past is I left it slightly open and it dried out a bit, and was a bit globby and hard to use. But to be fair that was totally may fault!
If you struggle with smudging, buy this eyeliner!

Collection's Extreme Felt Eyeliner
What a bargain! A £2.99 felt tip liner that stays in place for hours. Okay so it wont last as long as my Estee Lauder one, but that doesn't make it a bad eyeliner. And the price is incredible. Would definitely recommend you try this one. It's become a bit of a cult product in the beauty blogging world! Creates a nice line easily, so a good one for beginners.
I also have this in purple and teal, thinking they would be as good as the black, and a bit of fun to wear. But no, they smudge and print on my eyes. Then when you try wash them off you are left with a faint coloured line, not a great look!

The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner
I first bought this one when I worked at The Body Shop, and have had many since. It was better than any eyeliners I had had before (mostly rimmel), but now I have tried others I realise it is a pretty ordinary, run of the mill product. The colour is good, the staying power is fine, and it is nice and gentle on the eyes. Not great, not terrible. I wouldn't suggest you rush to buy it, but if you have a chance to try it, you may as well. One thing I will say is that the nib is a great shape, almost like a soft pad. So very quick to get a good flick, again probably great for a novice!

MUA Extreme Felt Liner
Yuck. This product is terrible.I have tried a few MUA products in the past, and although nothing is incredible I think the value for money is incredible. At £2 this looks like a cheaper copy of the Collection one. But it such a waste of that £2. I bought this while on away with my boyfriend and realised I didn't have an eyeliner with me (shock horror). So I nipped to Superdrug planning on getting the Collection one, but thought I would try this. This eyeliner is hardly black, it is so watered down. And then when you try and go over the line to neaten it up it flakes off. It is like the eyeliner is taking itself back off my eye. So you end up with a crumbly, dotty line...yeahhh sounds horrid.
Cannnot think of a redeeming feature of this eyeliner, as even £2 seems too much for this piece of junk.

I'd love some more eyeliner recommendations, I do love eyeliner!
Thanks for reading,